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Steven Alan Optical Designer Eyeglasses Bring New Fall Looks

Don't you wish you could wear designer eyeglasses without having to spend a ton of money? Maybe you've shopped bargain websites for discounted frames but end up unimpressed with cheap knockoffs and poor quality. It might sound too good to be true, but the Steven Alan Optical collection for Fall 2017 includes some pretty amazing pieces at super reasonable prices. Let's explore some of the hottest looks available. (MORE)

This Falls Cutest Glasses For Women

As the weather gets cooler ladies naturally tend to shift their wardrobes into different styles and color palettes. Instead of having the same pair of glasses for each day of the year, why not invest in several options that will match your Fall outfits? That's where Steven Alan Optical is pleased to come in, with cute glasses for women this Fall season. (MORE)

The Cool Fall brings some Hot Sunglasses

Ask anyone you see during the Fall what their top fashion accessories include and chances are you'll hear "cool sunglasses" quite often. Everyone seems to go for certain brands or styles, but why not think outside of the box for a bit and discover what the Steven Alan Optical collection has to offer. (MORE)

3 of Our Top Designer Glasses Worn by Celebrities

Long before Steven Alan launched his optical line, he was well known for being one of the most talented and creative fashion designers in the world. Trend setters and celebrities frequently wear his uncommon, imaginative and energetic fashions, and today the Steven Alan Collection is carried in over 300 stores throughout the world. (MORE)

3 Truly Avant-Garde and Cool Sunglasses at Steven Alan Optical

Steven Alan Optical frequently releases some of the most avant-garde, innovative and cool sunglasses that you'll find anywhere. Our sunglasses incorporate style trends from around the globe and New York City. (MORE)

A Few of Our Popular Glasses for Women Featured in the Media

Steven Alan Optical's designer glasses for women are often featured in fashion magazines and in the media for their originality, regional influences and innovation. (MORE)

Finding Men's Designer Glasses at a Reasonable Price

Saving money on designer men's glasses< can be difficult if you aren't sure where to look. If you're pressed for time you might be tempted to purchase a name brand at a local department store without thinking much about the possibility of finding a better deal elsewhere. (MORE)

Trendy Steven Alan Optical Glasses for Men Showcased in the Magazines

Our trendy glasses for men have been seen in multiple top men's fashion magazines and publications and are often lauded for their bold and unconventional details, excellent build quality and for creatively incorporating vintage trends. (MORE)

Trying To Find Designer Sunglasses Online Look No Further Than SAO

In this day and age most people prefer shopping online. Maybe it's that we can do it in our pajamas or we just have a hard time finding what we want locally, but whatever the case may be, there’s been a huge uptick in this behavior over the last few years. (MORE)

The Top 3 Steven Alan Optical Men's Sunglasses for April 2017

When it comes to innovative women's sunglasses, you’ll have a plenty to choose from at Steven Alan Optical, with fresh contemporary and vintage-influenced options that draw attention, are chic and eye catching, and are designed to complement your individual style. (MORE)

4 Best-Selling Women's Eyeglasses Online for August 2017 at Steven Alan Optical

Steven Alan is famous for designing some of the most original and sought after frame styles for women's eyeglasses, and you can have first access to his latest styles for the fall on our website. (MORE)

5 Best-Selling Men’s Designer Eyeglasses for August 2017 at Steven Alan Optical

At Steven Alan Optical, you'll notice that our seasonal designer eyeglasses for men and women will often rotate and feature never before seen signature frames, as well as a select group of best-selling frames. (MORE)

The Top 3 Steven Alan Optical Men's Sunglasses for April 2017

This April, Steven Alan Optical offers you a range of stylish, urban and exceptional sunglasses to consider for your next pair. Whether you need a new prescription or are upgrading your current pair, you’ll find some remarkable New York and Tokyo influenced designer sunglasses online on our website or at our physical locations throughout the United States. (MORE)

The Top Vintage Glasses Frame Styles at Steven Alan Optical

Buying vintage frames online can be quite convenient, as there are dozens of styles to choose from at Steven Alan Optical with premium quality and materials, at a relatively low cost and free shipping. (MORE)

Are Steven Alan Optical Eyeglasses Hypoallergenic?

For some, purchasing hypoallergenic eyeglasses is important for their health, as they may have an allergic reaction when their skin comes in contact with certain materials commonly used to construct them. The medical term for this condition is contact dermatitis, and it affects over 3 million people each year in the United States alone. (MORE)

You’ll Very Likely Save More Purchasing Online Sunglasses

Although it’s still fairly common to purchase eyeglasses at a local retailer, now might be the right time to try purchasing your next pair online. The chances are that you’ll save a significant amount of money compared to what you’ll pay locally for designer eyeglasses, and you won’t have to deal with traveling, waiting in line, service fees or other inconveniences. (MORE)

Spring 2017 Sunglasses Trends

This spring, you can choose from several exquisite and beautifully designed sunglasses at Steven Alan Optical which feature some of the most intricate and unique styles available anywhere. Our collection of men’s and women’s sunglasses is frequently updated with new styles and colors that suit a diverse range of fashion preferences. (MORE)

Our Spring 2017 Lineup of Tortoise Shell Glasses

Many decades ago, tortoiseshell was used as a material for eyeglass frames due to its organic appearance, beautiful dark brown and yellow and orange hues, and distinct pattern. In modern times, that same warmth and natural look has been successfully imitated by a wide range of suitable materials including premium plastics like cellulose acetate. (MORE)

The Top Cat Eye Glasses to Consider at Steven Alan Optical

Nothing expresses femininity, mystique and intelligence like a quality pair of cat eye glasses. They remain just as popular as they were decades ago, and that means that you’ll find plenty of exclusive and appealing options to choose from at Steven Alan Optical. (MORE)

The Latest Round Sunglasses from Steven Alan Optical

Steven Alan Optical sells a stylish selection of round sunglasses that showcase innovative designs while paying homage to the traditional vintage round style that most of us are familiar with. (MORE)

Saving Money on Eyeglass Frames for Women Online

Steven Alan Optical was launched as a direct-to-consumer manufacturer of designer eyeglasses for both men and women, eliminating the need for middlemen retailers. (MORE)

Why Purchase Mens Glasses On the Internet

Purchasing men’s glasses online at a leading producer like Steven Alan Optical can save you time while ensuring that your glasses arrive quickly. You’ll also usually get a lot more in terms of quality and extras for the same price or even lower than what you may have paid in the past. (MORE)

Vintage Aviator Frames for Women at Steven Alan Optical

Steven Alan Optical sells one of the highest quality selections of aviator vintage frames for women available anywhere online or locally. Our aviator frames feature exciting and captivating designs and construction with the finest materials available. (MORE)

Exclusive Handcrafted Tortoise Shell Sunglasses to Consider at Steven Alan Optical

Tortoise sunglasses have remained one of the most sought after and trendy vintage frames, and at Steven Alan Optical you’ll have plenty to choose from based on your preferences. (MORE)

Buy Cool Sunglasses at Amazing Prices at Steven Alan Optical

With a commitment to offer elegant and innovative, genuinely cool sunglasses directly to buyers, Steven Alan has taken it upon himself to meticulously design some of the most inventive sunglasses anywhere. (MORE)

You Don’t Need to Rely on Local Stores With Prescription Glasses Online

If you’re in the process of shopping for your next pair of prescription eyeglasses, you might be hesitant to purchase them online if you haven’t done so in the past. But, there’s no need to worry, because at leading prescription eyeglasses retailers like Steven Alan Optical you can trust that your glasses will be precisely created by expert opticians. (MORE)

The Difference of High Quality Designer Tortoise Sunglasses

Although they have been around for decades, tortoise sunglasses have seen a major surge in popularity in recent years and have a truly timeless appeal. With its easily distinguishable spots of alternating dark brown and honey, and tinges of black and yellow, the tortoiseshell pattern and its modern deviations are integral to modern eyewear fashion. (MORE)

Popular Steven Alan Optical Women’s Sunglasses Worn by Celebrities

Even though Steven Alan’s optical line was created for the everyday person, it has been warmly accepted by celebrities and some of the biggest trend setters in fashion. Just a few of the famous names who have been spotted wearing Steven Alan women’s sunglasses including Jessica Biel, Ali Larter, Olivia Wilde, Cara Delevinge, Lucy Hale, Emma Stone, Kate Mara and many others. (MORE)

Steven Alan Optical’s Innovative Designer Sunglasses

At Steven Alan Optical we sell some of the most innovative and stylish designer sunglasses available anywhere, with a wide range of unique styles suited to the most diverse of fashion interests. Steven Alan has created a vast range of chic and modern variations on some of the most popular vintage sunglasses styles for men and women. (MORE)

Winter Trends for Men’s and Women’s Designer Sunglasses

Finding incredible and attention grabbing designer sunglasses online isn’t difficult at all when you shop at Steven Alan Optical. With plenty of options to choose from that include both mainstream and exclusive frame styles at reasonable prices, we guarantee that you will be thrilled with our designer sunglasses and that they will look great on you throughout the winter and into the spring and summer. (MORE)

Best Glasses for Men for this Winter

Taking the time to choose the right pair of glasses that are seasonal and match your personality is well worth the effort. At Steven Alan Optical, we offer a fantastic range of glasses for men for every fashion preference. (MORE)

Tips for Purchase Designer Glasses Online

Although some may be hesitant to purchase designer glasses online, you can always buy them in confidence from Steven Alan Optical with our money back guarantee and multiple stylish options to ensure that you find the perfect pair. (MORE)

Trendy Winter Designer Eyeglasses for Women at Steven Alan Optical

Steven Alan Optical is currently selling some of the most sought after seasonal designer eyeglasses with dozens of choices available to satisfy your preferences. (MORE)

Save Money by Purchasing Quality Sunglasses Online at Steven Alan Optical

Online shopping is one of the best ways to save money on high quality sunglasses, but you have to be careful to shop at the right stores that offer a good combination of quality and price. You don’t want to overspend or get lured in by cheap sunglasses that won’t last for very long. (MORE)

A Quick Guide to Buying Glasses for Women Online

If you’re searching for glasses for women online, you’ll find dozens of potential retailers and many options for glasses, and it certainly can be hard to narrow them down to the right choice. (MORE)

Popular Women’s Glasses at Steven Alan Optical

If you’re currently shopping for women’s glasses, you’ll soon find that there are a huge number of potential options available to you. (MORE)

Get New York Sunglasses Shipped Anywhere from Steven Alan Optical

It’s no secret that some of the most innovative and trendy sunglasses are designed right in New York City. (MORE)

Finding the Right Men's Glasses For Your Face Shape

When you’re in the market for new men’s glasses you’re probably thinking about what will look the best on you and match your fashion preferences the most. (MORE)

Glasses You’ll Fall For – Best Women’s Glasses for Autumn 2016

Women’s glasses are making a bold statement this fall, with color palettes inspired by nature’s beauty. There are a variety of shades on the market to compliment every skin tone, and shapes that provide a little lift and fun to your cozy wardrobe. (MORE)

Taking the Fear Out Of Buying Prescription Glasses Online

Back in the day it wasn’t always the most exciting news to hear that you need glasses. But with today’s fashion forward frame designers, you can look really cool while improving your vision! Glasses can be expensive too, but when you purchase prescription glasses online, you will end up looking good for not very much money. One retailer in particular, Steven Alan Optical, takes the hassle out of buying glasses with their easy to use website. Let’s look at how simple they make it! (MORE)

New York Glasses at a Budget Price

No matter where you live, you can achieve a high fashion look with your eyewear and not have to pay too much. The newest styles from Steven Alan Optical possess just the right blend of fun and fashion, giving you New York glasses with a reasonable price point. Whether your look is retro, trendy, or classic, their selection of frames are second to none. Let’s explore some of their styles with that big city feel. (MORE)

This Fall’s Best Finds For Men’s Glasses

For those of you guys who need a correction, do you find it hard to locate a good selection of men’s glasses? Most brick and mortar stores seem to cater mostly to ladies’ frames, which don’t fit you right and may not be the exact colors you were hoping for. (MORE)

New York Sunglasses - The Looks of 2016

Those in the big city don’t mess around, and when you’re on the hunt for a style reminiscent of New York sunglasses, you need to know exactly what to look for. Trends are gearing toward strong lines and bold colors; the experts at Steven Alan Optical have curated a collection that stands head and shoulders above the rest. Let’s take a look at a few of their go-to styles for this year. (MORE)

Shopping For Eyeglasses Online? Here’s Where To Start

How old would you say your glasses are? Five years, ten, or more? For something that we so heavily rely on, many people keep their glasses far beyond their lifespan. In most states, your prescription expires every two years, so theoretically your glasses probably shouldn’t last beyond this period of time. (MORE)

Vintage Sunglasses in 2016 - The New Trends

Vintage and retro style is all around us this year, from shoes and purses, to clothing and eyewear. What’s great about this trend coming back around is that designers have the chance to make subtle tweaks and changes to further perfect the original look. (MORE)

A Cheat Sheet for Buying Sunglasses Online

It’s amazing how frequently people turn to online shopping rather than visiting a local store, and with the increased selection and convenience, it’s a better option for many folks out there. When it comes to buying sunglasses online, it can get a little tricky if you don’t know what you’re looking for. We’ve found an awesome collection of both men’s and women’s sunglasses from Steven Alan Optical. Here’s what you need to know before you shop! (MORE)

Turn Up The Heat With These Cool Sunglasses For Women

Whether you have perfect vision or can’t see three feet in front of your face, every woman should have a go-to pair of sunglasses. Like shoes or purses, they can really complete an outfit, and having multiple styles and colors can never be a bad thing. (MORE)

What to Look for in Glasses For Women

If you’re new to the glasses world, or it’s just been a while since your last pair, it can be really challenging to know what to look for in glasses for women. There are so many styles out there, which one will suit your face best? What colors are right for you, and how do you know if it fits well? This simple guide will help you navigate the eyewear world, and will also give you some of our top picks for frames from the Steven Alan Optical collection. (MORE)

The Best Glasses for Oval Faces

When buying eyewear, the ultimate reason is to either improve upon or protect your vision. However, it would be amiss to neglect that eyewear is also an integral part of a person’s style. And because eyewear serves as a multipurpose accessory, finding the right pair is essential. (MORE)

The Prettiest Looks In Women’s Glasses

It’s safe to say that not every eyeglass frame out there is attractive, and many of them really miss the mark when it comes to accentuating women’s natural beauty. If you’re looking for women’s glasses that are pretty and stylish, take a peek at some new arrivals by Steven Alan Optical. (MORE)

What You Need To Know About Buying Eyeglasses Online

Buying eyeglasses online is certainly something to take seriously, but it’s not like you’re getting married. If you’re afraid to make the big leap online, let us walk you through a few simple things to remember. The awesome people at Steven Alan Optical make the buying... (MORE)

2016 – The Year For Designer Sunglasses Online

Despite the fact that they protect your eyes from the sun’s damage, sunglasses have become one of the top accessories for men and women alike. Whether you want to make a statement with a bold frame, or just have something casual for everyday wear, the selection of... (MORE)

Insider Tips To Remember When Shopping For Glasses For Men

Guys, it’s no small feat to find your next pair of glasses. What shape looks the best? Do you look like you’re trying too hard? You don’t want to look like every other dude out there who bought his glasses online. Rest assured, here are some simple tips... (MORE)

Hot Trends In Women’s Sunglasses: Vintage Styles With A Twist

What if you were digging through the attic and found some of your mom’s old sunglasses? They would probably be super on point with today’s trends, and you’d be shocked that today’s styles were also popular back in the day. The top look... (MORE)

Summer’s In Full Swing: Here’s Where To Find The Best Sunglasses Online

If you’re like most people, you like having multiple pairs of sunglasses. Maybe you have one active pair and one casual pair. Some like a pair for each of their cars, or maybe you loose them so often that you need a backup pair at all times! (MORE)

Glasses For Women – Here’s How To Make A Statement

Even though the fashion world seems to have a new hot trend every other week, trends in glasses for women somewhat stabilize for a few years before they change. What’s trending right now? Vintage looks and oversized frames. Designers are incorporating funky colors... (MORE)

Steven Alan Optical – Providing Quality Prescription Glasses Online

You’ve been dreading this moment all of your life, and it’s finally here. You just completed your annual eye exam and it turns out you need glasses! Before you get too disappointed, head over to Steven Alan Optical’s website, and take a look at some of the styles... (MORE)

Ready For A New Look? Here Are The Best Styles In Men’s Glasses

Keeping up with the latest trends is hard, and the last thing you want to worry about is if your glasses are cool. Thankfully, at Steven Alan Optical, you’ll always find up to date styles at really affordable prices. When you’re shopping for... (MORE)

Everyone’s Favorite Fashion Guru Is Now Making Designer Eyeglasses

Don’t you just want to drool over Steven Alan’s clothing line? The shoes, the clothes, the jewelry! It’s enough to make anyone swoon. He even recently added a home line, which makes every one of us covet the entire collection on his website... (MORE)

Need Some New Sunnies? Here’s A Girl’s No-Fail Guide to Finding Designer Frames

Trying to find the best designer sunglasses to complement the shape of your face can be a daunting task, especially if you’re looking for an expensive pair and want to ensure you buy the right ones. Here is a how-to guide on purchasing designer sunglasses to flatter your face shape. (MORE)

Steven Alan Optical – Setting New Trends in Eyewear

Fashion designer Steven Alan is famous for his eponymous boutiques located throughout the United States and in Japan and his namesake casual clothing line: the Steven Alan Collection. His heritage-inspired clothing line is well-known and ubiquitous among hip New Yorkers and has evolved into a household name elsewhere. (MORE)

Why Get Steven Alan Fashion Eyewear?

A question we get often, so we thought we would spend some time talking about the value and quality of a Steven Alan designer pair of glasses or sunglasses. Learn more about Steven’s design process in New York and the by-hand manufacturing of each pair of Steven Alan glasses and sunglasses. (MORE)

Steven Alan Sunglasses: The Only Brand You Need For This Summer’s Sun

Fashion trends can change so quickly that it’s hard sometimes to keep up with the latest and greatest looks. Sunglasses are always a must have accessory for everyone, and now, the selection of designer sunglasses online is bigger than ever. For the best array of stylish frames, Steven Alan is your obvious choice. (MORE)

The 2016 Women’s Collection: Top Trends For This Summer’s Hottest Sunglasses

Sunglasses are an essential staple of any woman’s summer wardrobe. Staying on top of ever changing styles is a daunting task, so we’ve put together a list of the hottest looks for summer 2016. Surely it won’t come as a surprise that vintage sunglasses are all the rage, but you might be surprised to see what else made the cut. (MORE)

Need Some New Sunnies? Here’s A Girl’s No-Fail Guide to Finding Designer Frames

As a girl, can be a daunting task to find the perfect pair of sunglasses. Is a round shape right for you? How about a fun translucent blue with a contrasting gold bridge? Without a little inside knowledge, the options will have your head spinning. (MORE)

The Latest In Eyewear Fashion: This Is Your Guide To Glasses In 2016

What used to be popular five years ago in the world of eyeglass fashion is now totally out the door. A new wave of updated styles, colors, and textures are all the rage right now, and Steven Alan Optical should be your first stop for designer eyeglasses. (MORE)

Our Favorite Festival Finds: Your Go-To Guide For The Coolest Sunglasses This Summer

Whether it’s Coachella, SXSW, or another ultra cool festival this summer, you have to rock the perfect set of stylish sunglasses. What’s hip right now for both men and women? Read on to get the scoop on this summer’s cool sunglasses! (MORE)